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The Publied by Romano Citti & C. Sas was founded in 2004 with the aim of enhancing the Lucca territory by tackling the history, traditions, art, architecture and landscape of both the Plain and the Serchio Valley.
The two main necklaces are: “HISTORY AND TERRITORY” and concern the countries and municipalities, the other series is called “LUCCA” and addresses the history and wealth of the capital city.
Some volumes are edited in two versions: Italian and English

Shipping and sales conditions

Publied s.a.s., in order to offer the best service to the customer offers an indicative cost only in the case of a large number of books purchased ( more than 4), both for Italy and for international shipping and reserves to recalculate the actual cost of shipping to the best based on the quantity of the products purchased and the destination.
Only in this case please contact us

Expedition To
The cost is 10 euro for shipping  with order of recommendation of Italian Post Office.
The price will be calculated automatically by the system


Terms of sale for online purchases on the Publied SAS website

Publied by Romano Citti & C. s.a.s., with legal and administrative headquarters in Via di Salicchi 711 X – 55100 Lucca, allows you to buy through the Internet his publications (below “Products”), through the website (below “Site”); it is the sole and exclusive holder.

General Notes
These general terms of sale (“General Conditions”) are governed by the Consumer Code (D. Lgs. 206/2005), Section II, Distance Contracts (Article 50 – 67) and E-Commerce Rules (D. Lgs. 70/2003) and apply exclusively to the internet sale of the Products, as identified and listed in the “Shop” section of the Site. In case of changes to the General Terms, the purchase order will apply to the General Terms published on the Site when the Order is sent by the Customer.
Offer to
the public
The Products and related Prices presented on the Site constitute an offer to the public in accordance with the methods specified in the General Terms and the Site itself. The Terms of this offer apply only to purchases made on the Site.
All prices include VAT.
Shipping costs are borne by the customer, properly highlighted in the shopping cart and dependent on the destination and the number of publications (i.e. by the weight)
To proceed with the purchase you must enter the destination status.
In particular, two sets of destinations are identified: Italy and Rest of theWorld.
Italy: The cost is 10 euro.
Rest of the world : The price will be calculated automatically by the system.
The Price highlighted on the Site at the time of submission of the Order applies to the Products, without any consideration of previous offers or any changes in Price that have occurred since then.
Order Purchase orders must be made online through the ordering process
a) If the Customer is already registered to the Site, it will be enough to enter their login credentials (username and password) by accessing the section “Already customer? Click here to log in.”
b) If the Customer is not yet registered, it will be enough to enter the required data in the form.
The Customer successfully completes the Order Procedure if the Site does not show any error message.
Publied sas will respond to the receipt of the Order by sending an automatic order confirmation email to the e-mail address communicated by the Customer. This Confirmation will summarize the selected Products, their Prices (including delivery charges), the delivery address, the order number (below “Order Number”) and the General and Special Conditions applicable to the Order.
Publied s.a.s. will verify the actual shipping costs and send a new email to the customer with the final costs.
The Purchase Agreement will be concluded when you receive your payment message. In case of non-payment, the order will be trashed after 15 days after receiving it.
The Customer is committed to verifying the correctness of the data contained in the Order Confirmation and to notify Publied sas of any corrections before payment. Possible charges caused by errors in the data not reported in a timely manner will be borne by the Customer.
The Order Number, generated by the system and communicated by Publied sas, must be used by the Customer in any communication with Publied sas.
It is possible that there may be occasional non-availability of the Products offered, in this case, if the Products chosen by the Customer are not, in full or in part, available, Publied sas will notify the Customer.
The payment can be made by bank transfer in the manner communicated by email after the processing of the order by Publied sas or via Paypal.
The information provided by the customer will be used for the issuance of the invoice. No change in the data will be possible after the invoice is issued.
Publied s.a.s. will carry out delivery by specialized carriers. At the time of Delivery, the presence of the customer or a trusted person is required to check that the packaging is healthy and clean and that the Products received match the information on the order. In the event of visible defects, such as incorrect quantities and/or incorrect product and the non-integrity of the packaging, you or your trust will need to report it on the transport document and contact Publied s.a.s. at the link ” Contacts” no later than 7 (seven) days after Delivery. The delivery of the products will take place with the time and manner provided by the carrier used, which will be communicated along with the final amount.
Right of
Within the limits and as described by the Code of Consumption, the customer has the right to withdraw from the Purchase Agreement for any reason, without explanation and without any penalty, with the following steps specified. The Withdrawal may have to deal with all (Total Withdrawal) or only part of the Products Publied s.a.s. purchased by the Consumer (Partial Recess).
The right of Recesse is exercised by sending – within 10 (ten) working days from the date of receipt of the Products – a communication by means of recommended A/R. addressed to: Publied by Romano Citti & C. s.a.s., with legal and administrative headquarters in Via di Salicchi 711 X 55100 Lucca.
The communication can be anticipated – within the same period – by e-mail (at address) provided that it is confirmed by a recommended A/R, within 48 (forty-eight) hours following.
Recesso’s notice must specify the willingness to withdraw from the Purchase and the Product or Products for which you intend to exercise the right of Withdrawal, attaching a copy of the relevant purchase invoice and the packing slip (DDT). In the communication, the customer must also confirm that the Product(s) is intact and stored in perfect condition in its original packaging, complete in all its parts.
Following the proper exercise of the right of Withdrawal, Publied s.a.s. will forward to the Customer, via Email the Practice Number. This number must be indicated by the Customer at the time of the return of the Product(s).
The Return of the Product(s) must take place within 30 (thirty) calendar days from the date of receipt of the same.
For any information related to the costs and modes of transport you can contact us through the channels listed in the “Contacts” section of the Site. However, the right to withdraw is subject to the following conditions:
· The right applies to individual Products purchased in their entirety;
· The Product(s) purchased must be intact and returned in the original packaging, complete in all its parts (including packaging and ancillary documentation);
· The transport costs related to the return of the Product are borne by the Customer;
· Return is the full responsibility of the Customer.
If the right of Withdrawal has been properly exercised, Publied s.a.s. will reimburse the Customer the full amount already paid, including the Delivery Expenses, within 30 calendar days from the receipt of the Notice of Recesso. The amount refunded will be net of the costs for the Return of the Products, which will remain at the expense of the Customer.

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